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INC '23 Austin

About The Independent National Convention


About The Independent National Convention

In 2020, the Independent National Union formed to support coordination of the US Independent Sector, and that same year ran the first Independent National Convention (INC) representing many Independent parties across the country and hosting the final 2020 Independent Presidential Debate in partnership with Free & Equal Elections. Now, in 2023, the INU is hosting the second Independent National Convention, held at the Austin Convention Center’s premium location the Palmer Events Center, April 3-5.

The purpose of this convention is to build a vision for our thriving independent civic future and what it will take to create it through a United Independent Movement. We see a more ideal US democracy as possible, including: 

  • Increased transparency & accountability for government and privacy for individuals
  • Increased constituent interactivity
  • An empowered civic culture of engaged stewardship
  • ​Improved governance standards for representatives
  • ​New civic technologies including blockchain & AI
  • ​Strict adherence to legitimate due-process
  • ​Elected officials who think, speak and act their conscience, in service to the betterment of all they represent.

The US Independent sector is rising with each passing day and as it coalesces into a United Independent Movement, we have a prominent role to play in improving the quality of our local and national governance systems. At this convention and beyond, we aim to leverage the Independent sector as a more neutral space for people of diverse backgrounds to come together, improve our democracy, discuss traditionally polarizing issues from a higher quality of civic discourse, drive common-sense solutions with less identity politics, and rise in leadership and influence to create our most positive future. 

The INC does not have a formal policy platform, but has articulated and stands with the
Declaration of United Independents as the guiding principles to establish alignment with partners and stakeholders. If you are aligned, you are welcome to sign it as well. 

Click HERE to review the INC ‘23 Austin Advisory Council and a growing list of partners and national leaders of the US Independent Sector who will be converging in Austin this April! 

Click HERE to review the funding sources of INC Austin to date. 

The INU & INC was founded by Christopher Life, a passionate and determined Independent civic activist. 

The INC is produced by the Independent National Union, which is fiscally sponsored by One Nation Life, Inc a CA 501(c)3 political education non-profit. The INU, INC nor One Nation Life participate directly in any electoral or legislative activities. Our purpose is to provide education and foster relationships amongst Independent Americans to support them in progressing their own electoral and legislative ambitions.