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INC '23 Austin Exhibitor Program

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INC ‘23 Austin will be held at the Austin Convention Center’s premium location, the Palmer Events Center. 

The red sections are a rough sketch of the location Exhibitors will be placed, which is directly inline with the ingress and egress of the General Sessions, and in the back of the room during the General Sessions. 

 All participants will pass by these areas on breaks, before, after and during meals, between panels/ workshops and this will be the back of the room for our closing party and artistic performances. 

Exhibit Booth Benefits

INC ‘23 Austin Exhibit Booths create an opportunity for individuals and brands to: 

  • Establish a physical presence / hub / reliable rendezvous point
  • Create multi-day brand visibility
  • Make connections and form new partnership with other organizations and stakeholders
  • Receive photos of you presenting your brand at a convention    
  • Have conversation with event attendees and partners
  • Distribute information / collateral materials to booth visitors
  • Enroll booth visitors in email/ text communications, membership, audience subscription 
  • ​Give away free items
  • Sell items
  • ​Place yourself prominently in the center of the US Independent sector’s national leadership

Booth Purchase = Ticket Package

All booths come along with a correlative monetary value of tickets. So if you want a booth, you get a set of tickets for your team. If you want a pack of tickets for your team / org / network, you get a booth!  

Booth Decor

Booths will be provided with a set of 30” x 96” tables and folding chairs (as defined below) as the base elements of the booth. You are responsible for making your booth come to life with table clothes, banners, stand elements, furnishing for your guest (primarily for larger booths) and any other elements of decor that make your booth attractive, photogenic, and enjoyable for you to be in. 

Exhibit Booth Packages

    10' x 10' INC ‘23 STANDARD 
    Exhibit Booth 

    Efficiently establish your presence at INC ‘23 Austin and share your ideas, products and opportunities with attendees!

    Great for small business, new organizations, authors and more!

    Standard Booth Comes with:

    • Standard 110v Electricity
    • 1 Table + 2 Chairs
    • Up to 3 VIP Tickets or up to 10 General Admission Tickets or a combo up to $3,000 value

    Price: $3,000

    10' x 20' INC ‘23 
    Exhibit Booth

    Establish a powerful presence at INC ‘23 Austin and create a mini zone for your team to host those passing by!  

    Great for midsize organizations with teams present to create a more engaging experience! 

    Pro Booth Comes with: 

    • Standard 110v Electricity
    • 2-3 Table + 6 Chairs
    • Up to 6 VIP Tickets or up to 20 General Admission Tickets or a combo up to $6,000 value

    Price: $6,000

    20' x 20' INC ‘23 
    Exhibit Booth

    Establish a prominent presence at INC ‘23 Austin and create a lounge to attract people in and enjoy maximum visibility, signage and team size!

    Great for large organizations with large teams ready for optimal engagement!

    Deluxe Booth Comes with: 

    • Standard 110v Electricity
    • 4-6 Table + 10-12 Chairs
    • Up to 10 VIP Tickets or up to 30 General Admission Tickets or a combo up to $10,000 value

    Price: $10,000

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