Bringing Independents Together to Create Better Solutions for All

Independent Candidate Pitch at
  • Present yourself and your intent to run for office Independent from the two-party system at the upcoming Independent National Convention
  • Hone your message, stage presence and case for why you are the next best Independent candidate for office. 
  • Be seen on a national stage in front of Independent Party leadership, media, funders, campaign experts, peers and Independent supporters from around the country.

Independent Candidate = anyone interested in running for office NOT doing so through the Republican or Democrat party. This can include running on party platforms Independent from the dominant two-party system. 

How It Works

Complete the application at the bottom of this page making a case for why you should be one of the top 3 finalists in your bracket. Applications will be reviewed and those who pass the initial application vetting phase will receive an interview from the Independent Candidate Pitch INC committee. 3 finalists will be selected per candidate bracket to be featured live on stage for the Independent Candidate Pitch, 3-5pm April 4th.  

Deadline for applications is March 15

Brackets & Stage Time 

  • 4 x Local Office (3 Min Pitch + 2 Min Panel Q&A)
  • 4 x State Office (4 Min Pitch + 2 Min Panel Q&A) 
  • 4 x National Office (5 Min Pitch + 3 Min Panel Q&A) 


This is an opportunity to talk about your background, your passion, your innovative, independent  campaign ideas, and your personal dedication to be an independent civic steward. 

This INC ‘23 Austin Independent Candidate Pitch is a fun way to highlight prospective Independent candidate with stage time, exposure and an engaging opportunity for everyone involved to think more about a growing movement of independent activists choosing to run for office and being supported by a growing United Independent Movement. 

All applicants will receive a $50OFF INC '23 Austin Coupon emailed to them, and each are responsible for securing their own ticket. Those needing financial support can apply for a scholarship here.  

Vetting Panel Including:

  • Political Party National Leaders
  • Candidate Support Organizations
  • Campaign Experts
  • ​Independent Financiers

Benefits of Participation:

  • Exposure, Connections & Opportunities
  • ​Photos & Video of You On Stage 
  • ​Feedback, Mentorship
  • ​Media Connections, etc