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Panel Sponsorship Benefits

Support the development of stronger relationships, more powerful synergy and deeper coordination amongst Independents working together from various sectors to create better solutions for all. 

  • Receive Formal Recognition at the Beginning, Middle and End of Panel
  • ​​Receive Visual Brand Exposure throughout 50-Min Panel 
  • ​Receive 1 VIP Tickets for Every $1K Spent on Sponsorship
  • ​Present Yourself at INC as a Contributor 
  • ​Place Your Brand in front of Your Target Audience (specific panel topic) 
  • ​Generate Connections, Prospects & New Opportunities 

Select the Stage Your Want

INC '23 Austin will feature 3 stages running concurrent programming. The Main Stage is the largest with the highest production quality and some of the seemingly most popular content. The Side Stage is a lesser degree of production and the Outdoor Stage is the third by way of production quality and content demand. 

Select the Panel You Want

Select the panel content that is most aligned with your brand! If that panel is already taken, then select a panel that is most closely aligned with your brand or a topic that you are personally passionate about. If that doesn't line up then select any one, or multiple (will require multiple transactions) to help support the Independent National Convention and to create visibility for your Brand while securing VIP Tickets for your friends and colleagues. 

Available Panels Sponsorship
Strike Through  Means the Panel Sponsorship Has Been Purchased.  Panels are ordered here in event sequence. 


  • Independent Parties Working Together
  • Driving Change via Direct Democracy
  • Energy Grid Independence
  • Education / School-Choice Reform
  • ​Transparent Governance & Ethics Reform
  • Free Speech / 1st Amendment
  • Election Systems Reform
  • Regulation of Innovation
  • Ending Forever Wars & Defense
  • Blockchain & Governance
  • CBDC's, Privacy & Data
  • Decentralized Finance & Governance
  • Independent Space-Technologies
  • ​AI & Governance
  • Fair Taxation & Government Spending
  • ​Voting Reform


    • Independent Parties Working Together
    • National Independent Media
    • ​Criminal Justice & Police Reform
    • ​Texit
    • Love & Politics
    • ​Duopoly Disentrenchment & Lawsuits
    • ​Independent Veteran Leadership
    • Aligned Companies & Corporate Integrity
    • ​Independent Campaigning
    • Food & Water Resilience
    •  Sovereign Places
    • ​Mental Health & Addiction Independence
    • ​Social Equity
    • ​Environment, Carbon & ESG's


    • Independent Parties Working Together
    • The Natural Evolution of Democracy
    • Civic Culture to Upgrade Democracy
    • ​Upgrading Civic Technology
    • ​Art & Movement Building
    • Alternative Medicine / Health
    • ​Independent Movement Coordination
    • Tactics for Local Organizing
    • Self Governance
    • ​Synergistic Democracy
    • ​Independent Movement Infrastructure
    • ​The Role of Emerging / Minor Parties
    • From Homeless to Independent
    • ​Love & Politics
    Panel Sponsorship Packages

      Main Stage Panels

      Price: $5,000 / Panel 

      Side Stage Panels

      Price: $3,750 / Panel 

      Outdoor Stage Panels

      Price: $2,500 / Panel 

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